Some trips took 2 years to plan, the others spur of the moment.  Take a peek at the different cities we've visited in the last couple of years.


A working vacation.  A vacation while working.  


Somewhere between Nevada and Arizona.   All we can say is that is was hot out there.  Hot and Beautiful.


We went to London to visit with the Queen.  But she was... preoccupied.


Sigh.  No words can ever express what Maui can do for a tired soul.  Heaven.
New York

The trip that almost did not happen.  But it did.  And, here's what went down.
San Francisco

Yes, we're local.  But that doesn't mean we can't be tourists in our own backyard.  Something about that red bridge.

Short and Sweet, but truly memorable.
South Lake Tahoe

Where does one go when Maui is too far away?
Snow-capped mountains, fine beaches.  Beautiful South Lake Tahoe.
Yosemite Valley 

This is where we go when we need to commune with nature.  Helps us keep our perspective.  Renews our commitment to our children, and their children's children.
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