traveler's journal: Yelping it in Vegas

Several weekends ago, the hubs was scheduled to fly to Vegas for a conference.  It was the perfect chance for us to get a mini-vacation so we jumped at the opportunity when Southwest published discounted fares.  Using our points, we were also able to score a free room for the weekend!

Because we were on a limited budget and wanted to make sure we got the most for our money, we decided to Yelp possible foodie haunts.  We were tired of the usual hotel/casino buffet and wanted to try different restaurants.  Yelp helped us find our way.

On last day in Vegas, we headed out to DW Bistro.  We were bright and early, and arrived well before the restaurant opened.  True to reviews, there already was a nice gathering of patrons in front of the restaurant.  I think the following pictures will illustrate why.

The food was delicious and the portions were huge.  Good thing we decided to split an entree (pulled pork jerk) instead of ordering one for each of us.  We considered the french toast a "side dish."  LOL!

It was a nice brunch for a mini-vacation - and I will make sure to try out other items on the menu next time we are in the city of lost wages.

Something to consider on your next Vegas adventure!


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