not so little things: breakfast dates

The hubs and I have a standing commitment to go out on a date every week.  We have a spending limit that we try to keep.  However, due to both time and budget constraints, we have had limited options as of late.  We did, however, realize that there was a block of time on Sunday mornings that we could spend together while the kids were at bible study (CCD).

So, instead of our fancy dinner dates (which are now few and far between), we drop the kids of at church for their Sunday lessons, and we get to spend a few hours to ourselves.  A whole new world has opened to us!  Starbucks is one of regular go-to places, where we order our drinks, and just sit back and talk about life in general.  

We have also tried out several local diners that serve traditional breakfasts.  I'd say our dates now cost less than $20, including tax and tips. 

And, since we recently joined our local gym, we head out for an hour of exercise after a quick Starbucks run.  Or do  quick coffee run on our way to pick up the kids.

Here's to Starbucks and breakfast dates!

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