how does your garden grow?

Around this time of year since 2011, we've devoted our garden to growing fruits and veggies.  I've posted about corn and string beans that we've harvested from our garden.  

I'm afraid to say that this year we've been a little lazy.  A lot lazy.  Instead of veggies, we've chosen to plant flowers.  We just put a "few" bulbs into containers and waited.  And, waited for the climate to warm up into spring.  The last few weeks have brought a lot of color into our garden.  Starting from these calla lilies.

We also planted a bunch of asian lilies and I have to say that our garden is bright this season.  Lots of oranges, yellows and deep reds!

Not a bad sight as I take my afternoon breaks in our backyard.    As you will see below, our roses are also in full spring bloom!  

Hope this adds a splash of sunshine to your day,

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