objects of our attention (OOOA): Letting go with Lego

I found a new way to redirect my thoughts from the daily stresses of life.
Stress therapy, if you will.

Legos.  The old school way.  My son and I recently found a tub of lego bricks (well used but now abandoned by his older sister). I separated the bricks by color, and built a fire station with the red and white.

Ta-da! Focus on the red and white arch - our so-called fire station.  Daddy calls it "Mommy's chinese temple inspired" fire station.

For a good hour or so, I was happily sucked into designing and building from scratch.
Loved every minute of it.

It also gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with my boy.  A two-fer!
Letting go of the bad and creating good memories with loved ones.


p.s. off to ebay to find the largest lot of Lego bricks for my next 'yet-to-be-determined' project.

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