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Once in a while, my husband and I decide to try out new restaurants.  We usually go for a "fixed price menu" so that our final bill would not surprise us.  I also prefer the fixed menu, because sometimes, especially when one is ravenous, i.e., "hangry" (hungry, and angry because I'm hungry) picking from just 3 entree`s is so much easier.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, we decided to avail of a fixed price menu created specially by Bourbon Steak (a Michael Mina restaurant) for guests of the hotel where we were staying (Westin Union Square).

We selected from a $65 per person menu that included appetizers, an entree and dessert.  Instead of house bread, they served us a selection of french fries.  Hey, I'm OK with that.  Different spices for the fries together with a selection of dipping sauces.  

For our appetizers, we selected a salad and tuna tartare from the menu.  This was a welcome shift from the french fries.  

Here's the deal, the hubs almost always orders the fish, and yours truly, the steak.  Unless they made a note of who ordered which entree, the service staff will almost always deliver the steak to the hubs and the fish to me.  

Let me say this, I would not have complained if they served me the fish - I tried it and actually loved it! The steak was heavenly as well.

The servings look "smaller" than usual, but I felt pretty full even before we were considering dessert, which of course did not disappoint.  Hubs settled on the beignets and I had the profiteroles.  

This dinner was pricier than most of our prix fixe menu dates, but was a welcome change.  Definitely a date place in case you're ever looking at venues in San Francisco.


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