clean home: organizing scarves

I have a ton of scarves.  For the longest time now, I've placed these babies in several different locations throughout our house.  There are a few in our coat closet, my closet and a basket near our front door.  

While scanning through a home improvement magazine at my doctor's office, I chanced upon a scarf display using towel rods.  I liked the idea and thought of replicating the same in our house.  Problem was I did not want to permanently attach several towel rods into our closet wall.  Something about not being able to find the correct location of the studs.  That, and just sheer laziness.

So, as I began to collect all my scarves from different locations throughout our house, I figured I could use several wood hangers instead of towel rods.  This way I could sort by season and/or color, and have the mobility of storing the winter scarves in our smaller closet while having my spring/summer weight scarves nearby.  


There was no additional cost to me for this project because I used existing unused hangers.  In case you're interested, these hanger are from Ikea and retail for $4 for a set of 8.

One more project off my list!  


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