objects of our attention (OOOA): spring shoes

Time for new shoes!

Don't get me wrong - I love a good pair of boots.  In fact, I have a "few" pairs that have seen me through the cold winter.  That being said, I'm ready for spring and the cute new pairs that go along with it.

I wasn't really looking.  You could say that I was just passing the time away at the mall.  Really.  Nonetheless, here are a few that caught my eye at Nordy's...

Love the snake prints and wedges!  I can only really walk in wedges.  That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

Of course, one has to practical and think about work appropriate items.  These looked super comfy and will comply with Section 4(a) of our company dress code.

Then again, there something about patterns and bright colors.  Something to liven up the day-to-day.  So many choices, so little moolah.  Also, there's no more room in my closet.  

The best thing for me, now that I've seen what's out there, is to make room (for a pair or two).  Or, find some really good justification/validation for adding to my shoe repertoire.  Isn't the change of seasons good enough?


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