photography: a new start

Inspired by an article in Sunset magazine on succulents and living art, I started looking into starting our very own succulent garden.  After seeing how expensive these babies were at our local nursery, we started asking friends and co-workers for cuttings.  We've received a few here and there, until one day when a co-worker brought in an 8 x 11 inch plastic tray with various cuttings from her own garden.  I was so touched by her gesture.  She was inspired to donate to my cause after seeing me leave the office with a small plastic cup of 2 cuttings from our other co-worker.  The cutest of all was this little one called baby fingers (?).

We now have a good repertoire to start our very indoor succulent garden.  While I was made to understand that several of the cuttings will eventually grow into 2-3 foot plants, I intend to cherish each and everyone until that time.  And, I promise to try not to over shower them with water and love.


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