foodie find: a nice fix at Brix

My husband (who I lovingly refer to as The Hunk) and I have been blessed by generous friends who have given us the gift of experiencing new restaurants to try out every year.  We would not have been able to discover (let alone, afford) the restaurants I have written about on this blog were it not for the influence and generosity of family and friends.  They know as well enough to know that  a gift card to a new undiscovered foodie place warms our heart (and tummies) more than anything.  We are indeed lucky!

Interestingly enough, I just discovered that I still have some dining gift cards from years past that have not been used.  We shall learn about these restaurants in the coming months.

First for 2013 is Brix.  Located in Oakville, California, the restaurant sits beside a small farm from which they source some of their vegetables, herbs and salad greens.  I love just looking out the window into the garden and vineyards beyond.  The view just gives you such a tranquil feeling.

We skipped breakfast that day, and were quite hungry by the time we got to the restaurant for our lunch resie.  We started out with the salumi platter and a selection of artisan cheeses.  I will say that while I am not an expert in cheeses, the local and important variety included in the platter did not disappoint.  The selection included about 6 cheeses made from goat's milk as well as cow's milk.

The salumi platter included a interesting selection of meats which included thinly sliced duck and shredded chicken.  Both the cheese and salumi platter complimented the other.  We could have stopped here, but wanted to sample a few more items on the menu.

I actually chose  prix fixe menu for the day which included bruchetta and a croque with ham and cheese.  The Hunk chose the swordfish.  For dessert, the chocolate cake called out our names.

After our meal, we ventured out onto the gardens and enjoyed the crisp Northern California air.  Everything - the meal, the service and the ambience, was impeccable.  Definitely a restaurant for that special occasion.


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