clean home: craft center, part 1

Over the years, I've amassed craft supplies that are housed in different places within our home.  If I needed to wrap a present, for example, I would have to get the wrapping paper from our bedroom closet, grab a pair of scissors and some tape from our computer room. After that, I'd have to walk over to our dining table downstairs to wrap the present.

I've always wanted to eventually build a craft center, but don't really have any available rooms in our house.  As I was cleaning out our garage this past holiday, I realized that my craft center did not necessarily have to be one whole room within our home.

We have an old armoire (in excellent shape) that we used for our computer (back in the days of dinosaur CPUs and monitors).  I'd been trying to sell the piece Craigslist for the longest time now.  As I was inspecting the armoire, I felt really bad trying to sell it off for such a cheap sum.  I paid more than $800 for it and had no takers at $125.

Then, it occurred to me that the drop-down table would be a good work area for small projects.  Like jewelry making, or stamping, or wrapping presents.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I was staring at the beginnings of my very own craft center!

First things first, I needed to collect all my crafting supplies from their various locations in our house and put everything inside the armoire.  I want everything to find it's logical and utilitarian spot within the armoire before finalizing where everything goes.  The Hubs has already put it in a very accessible area in our garage.

The journey has started, and I will update you with our progress.


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