the last of the Mohicans

I shared with you last year that my husband bought me an iPad for Mother's day.  I really love it, and I'e found a lot of new apps to make life easier. I now read some of my books and all of my magazines on my tablet.  What I could not find, however, was an application to replace my weekly planner.  I've searched and tried out a lot of planners and journals, and have come out empty handed.  

I missed my yearly trek to Barnes & Noble to purchase my tried and tested black leather week-at-a-glance planner.   So 2 weekends into the new year I headed out to my local B & N to buy my planner.

I changed it up for 2013.  Instead of a plain black version, I opted for something with color and a catchy design.  I narrowed it down to these four designs from the sale bin.  Because it was already 2 weeks into 2013, these babies were 50% off.  

At the end of it, I chose a smaller size in an edgy design.  Something new  - considering that I tend to gravitate towards the simple, plain, clean design.   Fun, colorful and made of recycled materials.  Love it! 

My husband calls me the last of the "paper planner" Mohicans.  


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