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I'll be honest - I can't tell which wines are better than others.  The problem with this is that my husband's family loves wine, and will usually appreciate a good bottle or two at the dinner table.  What to buy?

Enter tastingroom.com which features a selection of wines - preselected based on kind (red white, cab, pinot), origin (West Coast, Europe), pairing (BBQ, dessert).  The bottom line is that they've done the work for you, and boxes 6 (50 or 100 ml) bottles of wine for tasting.  They even have packages selected by well-known chefs (such as Chiarello and Emeril, to name a few).

For the grill master of the family -
Great Wines for BBQs (sampler)

Like one?  Then you can go ahead and order more of it from them or drop by your local wine merchant to pick up a bottle or four.

For the Cab aficionados in our lives -
Cabernet Wine Sampler
I love the concept because your recipient is not stuck with 1 big bottle of something they do not like.  On the other hand, if you find something you like, then you only have 50 (or 100) ml of it, until you order more, that is.

This was a little something we gout for ourselves-
Sweet Wine Sampler from Germany to California
This is a perfect gift idea for couples or a nice hostess gift.  Or for that crazy weeknight dinner when you want a little something with your meal.

Tasting Room website


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