foodie find: Celadon in Napa

Over the holiday break, the Hubs and I tried to spend time away from the kids and other holiday themed events that we had committed to attending.  We try to spend a few days to ourselves to look back at the year that was and plan for the coming year.  I guess the operative word here is "try."

In between trying out restaurants in town, and mapping out savings goals, we discovered a hidden gem of a restaurant that is Celadon.  

They had me at "Irish root beer float" so much so that I forgot to take pictures of the items we ordered.  Let's just say that I had a  Roasted Beet and Salmon Salad, while the Hubs had Herb Marinated Chicken Breast.

While we planned next year's strategies, in between my root beer float and his drink of choice (white wine), we had a quiet, relaxing evening.  I would consider Celadon a nice "special occasion" venue.  

So, in case you are in the Napa area - try and get to Celadon.  


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