even more gift ideas! ($10 each!)

A week ago I took a "me" day (also known as a "mental health day") just to spend some quality time by myself.  I didn't have anything planned and just knew I had to return our rental car by 10 am.  The rest of they day was mine!

On my way back from the car rental place, I dropped by my favorite local strip mall and found myself at Sephora.  I will say this - their checkout counter line will be the death of my budget.  I found myself stocking up on travel sized goodies, and checking off stocking stuffer items from my list.  The best part? These items were not more than $10 each.  Being the utilitarian person that I am, I figured my best buds could use one or two of these babies in their purses or travel bags.  These items were also from brands that we love!

From Sephora ($10 each):

OK, so this was $30, but you can definitely split this into 3 gifts!

Next on my list was the little man in my life - and I needed to find items from the Lego City line.

From my local Walmart store, I found these two items marked down up to 50% (each under $10; score!):

Nearby Old Navy had the softest cushiest boot slippers for $10!

Here's hoping we got a few more off your list!

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