foodie find: Zuzu in Napa

The Hunk and I make it a point to schedule (yes, there are weeks when I have to make sure that he books time on his calendar for our weekly dates) some time to ourselves for a quiet dinner out.  We do not have to go to a fancy restaurant (dairy queen is part of our list), and instead make it a point to try local restaurants close to where we live in Northern California.  

So, as we were driving around downtown Napa, the Hunk led me to Zuzu.  I almost walked by it and did not notice the signage.  Small and unassuming, it only has about 10 or so small tables on the first floor and maybe 4 tables for 2 and a long family style table on its mezzanine.  It can get crowded on a Friday night, and the wait can take up to 45 minutes.  

The food, however, is the reason we keep coming back.  I love the Jamon Iberica plate (pictured above), and the Hunk loves the Bacalao (also pictured above).  We also keep coming back for the sangria which is unlike other sangrias we've tried before.

There are so many small plates to try, and we've loved the ones we've sampled so far (fried cod and flank steak, above).  Small plates are good to share between two people.  We end up ordering our favorites to start and then picking one new item each from the menu.  The also have good paella!

The plates are a bit pricey and you can easily find yourself spending upwards of $60.  So this might be a venue for a special celebration.  Or just because when you have a little extra moolah to spare.  

A new place to try out when you visit downtown Napa.


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