photography: near the eye of the storm

We're in the East Coast for a wedding and right as we were getting ready to head back home, Mother Nature unleashed Sandy upon us.  We hurried over to JFK as soon as we got out of Connecticut only to find out that the airports were closed through Tuesday.  The earliest flight available to us was Thursday evening.

I see this as a welcome blessing.  We are getting to see the city in an unhurried way.  We are dining at  restaurants recommended by locals.  The universe was trying to tell us to slow down and enjoy the respite from our fast-paced life.  All in the comforts of our hotel, room service included.

Living life in the slower lane (at least until Friday),

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Aleigna Lin said...

Hi Tita Lisa! Hope you guys are safe there. I saw photos of New York and Jersey and they don't look too good. :(

Anyway, we miss you and I love your blog! :)

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