foodie find: Roy's Palm Desert

On a recent trip to Palm Desert, the Hunk and I were lucky to find onsite child care for the kiddos. We were so happy to be able to enjoy a "parents night out."  So off we went to Roy's...

We are fans of the San Francisco location and were eager to see if the Palm Desert one would live up to its SF Bay Area sister.  

I am pleased to report that the SoCal sibling did not disappoint.  In fact, the restaurant had a quiter, more relaxed ambience.  As we settled into our booth, we were pleased to find that the restaurant was not as crowded.

Our server was considerate (double checked on how spicy we wanted our appetizer) and the food did not disappoint. The portions were just the right size and each dish we sampled was full of flavor. We made it a point to pick a different entree' so that we could taste more items. You could say that we shared most of the items we ordered.  

Of course, our meal would not be complete without dessert. As you can see, this was one thing we were not willing to share.


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