traveler's journal: holding on to summer

Is summer officially over?
Because we are trying to hold on to it.
Trying to hold on to the longer days and warmer climate.

At the request of our 5 year old, we visited Legoland.  
We remembered how we spent time playing with Legos growing up and
was amused to find out how the "projects" have evolved throughout the years.

We also visited the Joshua Tree National Park,
where six miles into the park we realized that we were really really hungry.

We learned that 110 degrees and hunger don't quite make for the most pleasant vacation.

We had a few memorable trips this year.
We rented a cabin deep in the boonies where we proved that 
unsynchronized paddling will really get you nowhere.

We had campfire one night.  We loved watching all the children socialize.
We kept asking ourselves where they got their energy.
Because by this time, we were bone tired and cranky.
The kids?  They kept making s'mores. 

I ate every single one they made.
I needed to sugar to keep up.

Till next summer,

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