clean home: an updated front yard

Clean home series: One of my 2012 resolutions included updating and organizing our home. I am holding myself accountable to this by posting monthly updates on my progress here. 


This used to be our front yard.  My rose trees were just looking sad and unruly.  Like a permanent bad hair day.  We wanted to streamline things a bit with a less crowded landscaping. 

After some digging and soil reconditioning, we were off to the local nursery to select plants that would complement the colors of our brick facade, white colonial style siding exterior and blue front door.

We decided on some lavender, salvia, and hydrangeas.  Simple and hardy.  We also did not want to crowd the small bed that we had so we made sure not to over plant.  In time, the plants will grow into the space.

This is the finished product.  One more item off our to do list.  Satisfied that we continue to work on this resolution for 2012.


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