on my nightstand: Shadow of Night

Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness - the long-awaited continuation of Matthew and Dianna's story.  I promised myself that I would read A Discovery of Witches again (the first installment; to refresh my memory) before starting SON.

I will admit to being impatient while reading the first few chapters of SON.  I couldn't wait and the immersion into Elizabethan London took up a good chunk of the book.  In a sense, it was essential to delve into the details to help give perspective into Matthew's past, and help understand who he is (has become).  It's just that the fan in me kept wanting to know how the love story progressed.  And, when it did, I loved every single aspect of the progression.  No spoilers here.

SON did not disappoint.  I "ugly" cried at several parts of the book, and as with the first book, could not put it down unless absolutely necessary.  Good thing I started reading on a Friday night.  Otherwise, working full-time and managing a household during the workweek would just not be possible.  The world stood still as I absorbed every single page of the book.

This installment answered a lot of the questions in ADOW, and at the same time, made it interesting enough to want to was it for the next installment.  I don't know how I will manage to do it being that the third book will not be released until 2013.  Good thing that some of my other favorite authors are coming out with new books in the next few weeks...


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