fashionista: bling-tastic

I've been surfing the web for back-to-school deals and wandered over to my favorite website sundancecatalog.com (which had no relation at all to the purpose of my search as you will see from the images below).  Like a moth to the flame, I was drawn to these bling-tastic babies.

Fell in love with the clean clear stones (white topaz) and the classy elegant settings of these pieces.  My soul was singing for these pieces, but my pocketbook was not ready for the prices.  

After reality set in, I decided to check out of my favorite etsy.com sellers to similar more affordable pieces. These are made of more affordable metals (tarnish-resistant sterling silver) and whiter topaz.  I actually own the 'halo' ring (middle and bottom picture) and have been trying to find a reason to purchase the earrings.  

I eventually found my way back to the land of elementary and middle school supplies.  Just wanted to share what's out there in case you're in the market for some bling-tastic items.


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