traveler's journal: Ferry Building in San Francisco

A mother's night out...

I had a little time to myself a few weeks ago, and decided to take the Ferry to the lovely city of San Francisco.

I've been to the Ferry buidling many times in the past, but I continue to be impressed with the changing displays on the shops.  Miette and the Cowgirl Creamery always draw me in.

Something about cheese...And, lately, plants and ceramics have caught my eye as well.  I've gotten a few ideas for some summer projects...

I so want to replicate this nice menagerie of succulents.  Seems easy enough.  I think we even have a few of these plants in our current repertoire so I do not need to spend a lot of moolah to re-create this.

I spent a good chunk of time wandering through the building, having a scoop of gelato and perusing books.  Before long, it was time to meet up with the Hunk for our dinner at a nearby restaurant (the details of which I will post in the next few weeks). 

Nothing like some "me" time to help alleviate life's daily stresses...


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