project 52: backyard fun

Week #23
of our 2012 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

our theme for the month is "fun"

This is what we've been up to lately.
We pitched a tent in our backyard, and my son and I
have been spending hours playing in the tent.

I bring my latest paperback and a few sandwiches, and 
just chill while my son burns off his stored energy running around, 
exploring our rock garden, and 
just basically driving our dog, Friday, crazy with his antics.

At some point, the Hunk arrives from work and joins us.  
Our daughter takes a break from her many art projects, and 
before we know it, the tent is filled to capacity. 

Our version of simple, cheap fun.
You could say this is practice for our "real" camping trip this summer.

By the way, Happy Father's Day Weekend to all the fathers in the house.
We have a lot planned for the Hunk this weekend (evil wink)...


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