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Every Saturday morning, I wake up a little earlier than a regular workday.  I know it's weird, but I do.  This is the day, I take my "stress-buster" walk with our dog, Friday.  We take a different, longer route around and within our community.

We walk long after he has done his "business" and after I feel the burn in my calves.  There are days when we just take brisk walks; Other days, we both break into short sprints just to work through extra baggage of the week (emotional or otherwise).

This playlist was compiled exactly for these walks...

Wherever you will go
by Charlene Soraia
This song clears the cobwebs from my coffee-less brain.  
A remake of The Calling's 2000 rendition.
So much emotion in this one, it really wakes me up.

by Nelli Furtado
This song is another emotional one, but picks up in rhythm from the first song.
By the end of it, I am psyched and ready to up the pace of my walk.

by Ellie Goulding
I am not really familiar with the lyrics of this song, but all I can say
is that for some weird reason it's rhythm makes me feel upbeat.

Rumour Has It
by Adele
Who would have thought that she would still be in the Billboard top 100
after so many weeks (26? or is it 64?)
Love the vibe of this song...

by Maroon 5
So catchy, this song remains in my head long after my walk...
I'm on a payphone...

I will admit to having this playlist on repeat throughout our walk.

Enjoying the road less traveled,

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