foodie find: the girl and the fig

The Hunk recently surprised me with dinner at The Girl and The Fig in Sonoma. I didn't really know what to expect, and found myself enjoying a great meal in the heart of downtown Sonoma, California.

We had a cheese and cold cut platter to start off our meal. We talked in between bites of goat cheese, slices of fig loaf and flights of white wine.

We shared an arugula salad (yum!). I had a burger and the Hunk had the sole for his entree'. The portions were huge! I think we could have shared his fish and the arugula salad and would still walk home happy.

The restaurant had a nice relaxed vibe. The wait staff were very attentive knowledgeable about the menu. We did not feel rushed and didn't realize that we spent close to three hours enjoying good food, better wine, and excellent conversation.

Of course, we could to have ended the night without dessert. They had a good selection and I opted for the creme brûlée. I must have gained 15 lbs that night.

For your consideration in case you are in the Sonoma area.


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