on my nightstand: researching ideas

Been in a planning, organizing and decluttering mood for the last 3 months. There are days when I did not know where to start. So off I went to our local library to find inspiration and help from subject matter experts.

Got some fresh ideas for our indoor and outdoor projects!

Here are a few of the wonderful and inspiring books we picked up....

On organizing...

As you saw from our March project, our closets needed some help.

The cover of this book is what caught my eye.  
Our kitchen has the exact color scheme (maple, beigey-brown counter tops, 
stainless steel appliances, and maple floors).  
I guess I needed reassurance that matchy-matchy is sometimes OK.

On gardening....

Loved the simple clean lines of some of the backyard spaces featured on this book.  
Great ideas on how to include other colors into your life.

We have a menagerie of  ceramic containers in our backyard, 
and this book has given us combinations (herbs, flowers, etc)  
that would work with out space and budget.

These books offer good starting points for any organization and/or gardening project.

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