clean home: updating a formal dining area

Clean home series: One of my 2012 resolutions included updating and organizing our home.  I am holding myself accountable to this by posting monthly updates on my progress here.  


This was our project for April.

Taking inspiration from the geometric patterns we used for our front sitting room, we wanted to update our formal dining room.  We wanted to add a simple runner to our dining table to tie everything together.

There were a lot of options to chose from on etsy.com and we eventually purchased a runner with the same medium green background and a white pattern similar to the yellow cushions we had in the front sitting room as pictured above.

I love the simplicity of the runner and the fact that it costs less than $20.    I am also officially in love with geometric patterns and this particular shade of green (chartreuse)  Can't seem to have enough of it.

We finished off the set-up with a wooden tray and a small plant in a green ceramic pot (free from other parts of the house).  Total project cost was $20.


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