project 52: hope springs eternal

Week #15
of our 2012 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

Our theme for this month is "spring"

Late last year we received a generous gift from our friends who were moving to San Ramon.  They bequeathed to us all of their container plants.  The gardener in me jumped for joy!  The fashionista in me appreciated that my garden would now have some awesome trees in big modern planters.

We received a total of 4 trees and 2 small bamboo plants. We're talking 2-3 year old trees in large stone containers.  The largest of them all was a weeping maple tree.  We weren't sure if the move had affected the tree because all winter long it pretty much stayed the same --- withered, crunchy leaves and all.

Time and again, our friends would check in to ask about the tree, and I could not tell them much.  We watered and checked for any semblance of change.  At one point, my son and I carefully took off the dried leaves to hopefully clear the path for new growth.  The other trees/pants were doing well and were thriving.  We were a little worried about this one.  We kept comparing changes to our other maple trees, and while the others cycled through their winter dormancy and started new growth, this one showed no change.

So imagine our surprise when we finally noticed new buds.  At, first I was doubting myself - were those there before?  Had I just not noticed those small buds because we took off the dried leaves?  Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me?  So we watered and waited, and finally received our confirmation that the maple tree survived the move and the cold winter.

Every time I pass this tree I am reminded that there is hope in the world. And, that it springs eternal.


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