love: colorful hostess gifts

I am in the wonderful city of Oahu for work.  Yes, you read that right.  Oahu. For work.  No.  Kidding. I'll post later about adventures after 5pm in Oahu. In the meantime...

I was window shopping at Anthropologie in Berkeley one Sunday afternoon to get design/organization ideas, and was quite taken by their colorful displays.  

Take these colorful cafe or cereal bowls, or these ceramic berry boxes (similar to the cardboard berry boxes you get at the grocers or farmer's market but made of ceramic).  Imagine opening a box with an assortment of colors!  Love!  It would be the perfect hostess gift.  Something you admire from a far and you would love to receive.  

These measuring cups, and many others like it, at the store are the perfect pick-me-up for the baker in our lives.

I also love the monogrammed cups.  Monogrammed anything.  I have many times, almost bought one with the letter "F" on it for my bestest friend with the same monicker.  I also have at the right moment desisted from doing so because her name does not really start with an "F."  Let me just say that the pieces were so compelling (specially when they go on sale)...

See those plates...cuteness! Oh, and the colors are perfect for that set of 4 in different colors and designs.

Just some research on the perfect hostess gifts in case you are in the market for some.


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