clean home: a better organized shoe closet

Clean home series: One of my 2012 resolutions included updating and organizing our home.  I am holding myself accountable to this by posting monthly updates on my progress here.  


We have a small coat closet near our front door.  This is where we keep shoes.  For the longest time now, shoes were just stacked on top of each other without any basis for the arrangement.  Yeah, I know... I always need to have a method for my madness...

The reality is that, when you needed a pair of shoes, it was highly likely that you would have to dig through a small mountain to get to it.  That is, if you're lucky.  There have been days when I have decided to go with a different pair because there was not enough time to go and search for matching ones.  And, for people like me who tend to buy both black and brown versions of the same style, the threat of arriving to work with one of each color is a reality.

So one fine Saturday morning in March, we channeled our inner strength to take everything out and devise a system to sort through the clutter.  I found pairs that I had not worn in at least 6 months.  Cringe.  

The solution was based on our son's kindergarten cubbyhole system.  Each member of our house gets a cubby to house their shoes.  Only in-season shoes should be in this closet.  Out-of-season or special occasion shoes should be placed elsewhere (closet).   I will admit that I still need to thin out my stash, and add to my donate pile.

Let's call this -  work in progress.  A small step towards organization.  Something.

At least now, everything has designated spot.  And, the small cubby space discourages the hoarder in me.


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