foodie find: Morimoto Napa

I have been wanting to try out the Napa location of Morimoto for a while now.  I have been a huge fan of sushi since I was introduced to it more than 17 years ago.  So for a recent "date" with the Hunk, I was so excited to learn he booked us a reservation at Morimoto.

Let me preface this post by saying, that I got really sick with an ear infection around the time we were set to go.  I almost cancelled our dinner because I was not feeling too well.   The Hunk agreed that I needed good food to speed up the healing process.

That being said, my dining experience on the whole was just shy of what I expected it to be.  

Ambiance?  Nice modern vibe.  Simple, yet classy.  Definitely a "date" place.  We were promptly ushered to our table even though we had to call in to say we were running 15 minutes late.   

Let's see - the service was impeccable.  Our server took the time to explain the items we chose and never made us feel that we needed to hurry up.  He was very attentive - refilled our water glasses even before I thought I needed more water, cleared used dishes very discreetly.  Loved the service.

Food? I loved the foie gras custard.  The chicken ramen had a nice clear broth (nothing greasy) and the noodles were fresh.   Our server even split the order for us.  I had California and unagi rolls, and while I appreciated the fresh ingredients and prompt service, I was not all that impressed.  I was not "wowed."  Maybe my expectations were too high?  Maybe I gave in to all the hype?

The best part of the night was dessert.  We had a trio of ice cream sandwiches to share.  This one I appreciated the most.  All three tasted ... unique.  

All things considered, I would most likely go again just to try other items on the menu.  Still worth visiting if you're in the Napa area.  


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