Project 52: little reminders

Week #6
of our 2012 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

Our February theme is "devotion."

My brother-in-law recently reaffirmed what the Hunk and I have known for the past 11 years now --- that you fall in love with your kids the first time you see them, and love them unconditionally from that moment on.

I'll take the statement further by saying that we've loved ours from the moment we knew they were coming.  A good chunk of our efforts center on providing them with the best possible life and learning experiences to equip them for the journey ahead of them.  

Gone are the spontaneous trips to Monterey on a Friday night.  In it's place are what I call great productions that require careful planning and logistics - that includes lodging for 4, a pet hotel for the dog, a roster of activities and family-friendly restaurants, etc.  

I've tried to document these little productions by taking photos of random objects during our trips.  One example is a water cup (shown above) from a recent lunch at a Thai restaurant.  I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of random pictures like these.  Snapshots of a life devoted to our little ones taken so that they would not forget the fun times and the fact that they are loved.


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