fashionista: back to basics

When I forgot my facial wash on a recent vacation, I stopped by a drugstore chain to pick up some necessities and I tried the Aveeno Positively Radiant cleanser and daily moisturizer.  I remember using some items from the Aveeno line back in the day, and love the way my skin feels after just days of use.  It also does not hurt that these babies are half (more than half) the price of their high-end luxury counterparts with the same basic ingredients.

I was a fan of the Ojon volumizing line, but have since moved on to a variety of haircare products.  Over the holidays, I got a shampoo/conditioner set (free!) from my local Sephora and have been using it since.  My dry (read as: fried) hair looks glossier and feels healthier.  It's a bit more expensive than your usual brands, but I alternate it with drugstore brands and that combination works for me. 

Did I mention dry and fried hair?  I was using frizz-ease from back in the day, and am happy to be reunited with the product.  I love how my hair feels after applying a quarter-sized amount wet hair in the morning.  Frizz?  What frizz?

Just some products I've learned to appreciate again in the last couple of months that I'd thought to share with you...


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