still life #3: lego world

Week #3
of our 2012 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

It's 2012! Another round of photography projects!  I am taking anew approach this year and for each month will showcase shots taken using a lens/accessory combination. This month's set-up includes: 35 mm  f/2.0 lens + Opteka fisheye attachment. Our January theme is "still life."

Okay.  I just googled the phrase "still life photography" and Wikipedia had the following definition: "depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of objects."  So I guess I have not really been complying with the strict definition of this month's topic because I have been photographing a single object and not a 'grouping' of objects.  Oh, well.

That being said...as I was looking for inanimate objects to photograph for this week's project, my son was busy playing with some of his Christmas presents (this one being from dear friend, F)...Lo and behold - I found my 'willing' subject...

I grew up with Legos.  Granted the earlier versions were not as complicated (?) or thematic as the current versions on the market, but I would still put it out there that Legos are just the perfect vehicle (pardon the pun) for encouraging kids play.  My Lego projects were much simpler - usually building houses and gardens on a 12 x 12 Lego "pad."  I spent countless hours changing up the design of my 'house' and the gardens around it.  I still remember the little shutters/windows and the trees and flowers.

Today's Legos are much more realistic and evolved.  I've seen the Star Wars series.  I love the architectural building sets.  My son's favorites are the rescue vehicle sets.

There's a lot that goes into each box - from sorting out the pieces, to slowly building the vehicle, to the hours of imaginative play afterwards.

It does not hurt that Mom can focus on her chores and other tasks while her 4-year old is busy assembling his rescue vehicle.  Love!

As my son says, these are the best gifts ever.  I most definitely agree.  Thanks, F!


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Anonymous said...

you're most welcome! i'm glad the little man likes it... and that you benefit from it, too.


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