I couldn't even if I tried

More than 5 years ago, a co-worker gave me some jade plant cuttings.  I placed the plants in the trunk of my car and forgot all about them until I noticed a peculiar odor emanating from my car.  Flash forward to 2012, I have several plants in ceramic containers from those cuttings growing  thriving in our garden.

These really are so easy to take care of.  I cut a small part of it, place it on top of some good quality soil and it will survive.  They will survive.  Hey. Hey.

These are some of the newer cuttings which were transferred onto these herb pots.  The herbs that were supposed to grow in this nice set didn't quite make it.  Not sure if it was too much or too little water at some point in the last 6 months. 

So I decided to salvage the containers and use my tried and tested jade plants.  Truth be told, I actually forgot to water these babies when we went on vacation in November.  Then I forgot again when we left for Vegas in December.  It was only in early January when I remembered to add water.

As you cans see, the plants are still doing more than just OK.  They look happy.
I really couldn't do damage these plants even if I tried.  They are built to survive.  Hey. Hey.


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