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One of my 2012 resolutions is to keep a clean home.  What does this mean exactly?  Let's see...Does organized chaos mean anything to you?  Seriously, I really just want to keep things a bit more organized, which each item having a proper place in life.  It also means that if it does not have a spot in our lives, we need to set it free to find a new home.

This being said, I needed to hold myself accountable for this resolution.  What better way to track my progress than to report back to you about the areas in our home that we've tackled and set right.

I'm starting small.  No sense in scaring the living daylights out of this resolution (and ending up at the bottom of the list).

This is how I used to store my costume jewelry - in small 4 x 6 ceramic dishes.  There used to be some level of organization or basis for the dishes.  I forget that now.

I would lose a good chunk of time trying to locate a pair or earrings or trying to disentangle them from other earrings.

I will admit that I bought this jewelry tree on impulse at Anthropologie.  There are others out there that might be better suited to your needs.

This one is just the right size for me.  Because it does not have a lot space, I am conscious of buying more jewelry, and will have to stick to my rule of giving one thing up before or soon after I purchase another pair.  Works for me.

My little mess cleaned up well.  I've also made a decision to get rid of a few pairs that have not been used for a while.


 I've been able to clean out some counter space and finding accessories has been a breeze.

A small step towards my goal.


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