celebrating 15

15 years.
15. Years.

We were so young and unafraid.
We pretty much grew up together, the Hunk and I.
We've been through a whole lot of happy and sad. 
Trials and tribulations. 
Disappointments and sucesseseseseses. 
Through it all, our sense of humor helped us. 
That, and our commitment to our 2 kiddos (and 1 dog).
I love him more today than I did 15 or so years ago.
We had a trio of creme brulees for our anniversary dessert (1 for every 5 years?). 
We couldn't stop with one.  Because 15 years is an achievement in this day and age.
And because the road to 15 required a trio of creme brulees to celebrate.
Just because.  And maybe because we were sharing with 2 kids.
Here's to many many more creme brulee celebrations. 


Aletotski said...

Happy anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary and congrats! you two are so inspiring...

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