recurring themes

Week #49
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

This month's theme is "favorites"  

I have been in a cleaning mood this past couple of weeks.  I've just dropped off a trunk load of clothes, toys, shoes, and other well-loved items that need new homes.  

Next on my list is clearing out my bookshelves and electronic storage.  Our mac is also sending us regular messages that our disc is almost full and I can feel the slowdown resulting from the millions of photos that need to be weeded out or transfered elsewhere.

I always talk about this blog as being the repository of snippets of our life.  This is brought to life by the many images that reside in our hard drive.  As I started to delete, organize and transfer files, I noticed that our photos could be grouped under certain themes.

Here are some of those themes ...

Since making the shift to tea in May of this year, I found several pictures of my current drink of choice iced tea (sweetened with splenda).  Maybe proof that I have been "good"?  [scroll down...]

But then again, how would does one explain having more several pictures of the triple chocolate pizookie from BJs Brewery, or the decadent desserts/sauces from Fenton's, among other things? 

"Good" is relative, right?


This is how it goes down - I will usually try something new and snap a photo of the discovery of the day (burrito, macaroon, or FroYo) and send it to the Hunk.  My way of sharing something new with him.  It could also be a part of the catalog of new places for us to try together.  

This is also how some of the posts on this blog get started (eg., the chicken BBQ pizza post).  I find something I like and snap a picture. Several months down the line, my phone and/or hard drive are brimming with photos and the recurring theme presents itself. 

Just keeping it real (and yummy!). 

Have a great weekend, folks!


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