lost and found

We are in the beautiful city of Las Vegas spending quality time with family.  Given our busy schedules in the last 11 months, we felt like we lost out on many opportunities with the kids.  Thus, the Hunk and I are making it a point to find time with each other and the kiddos amidst the wonderful city that is Vegas.   We changed things a bit this year, and focused on quality time with the kids instead of the multitude of holiday events that usually mark the season.  It's just the 4 of us.  It's been crazy.  It's been fun.  So far.  

So, as we try to win some moolah at the casinos (yeah, right), take inventory of the outlet stores, and try to hike the West Rim of the Grand Canyon in the next few days, we wanted to stop and wish you and your family, lots of love and laughter this holiday.


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