it's the thought that counts

A whole new paradigm --- a gift to one person that will benefit others.

Ever since a dear friend introduced me to the Tom's brand this past summer, I have been trying to find a reason to buy a pair for myself.  It does not hurt that for each pair I buy, Tom's will send another pair to someone in need.  Just think of a child walking a mile without shoes (or wearing ill-fitting ones), and you'll find a compelling reason to add a pair to your gift list this holiday.

Think Pink.  Or Yellow.  Find a way to support a cause close to your (or the beneficiary's) heart through your purchase.  Or better yet, make a donation to a favored cause in the recipient's name.  They will love you for it, and your money will go into life-saving research.  [avon.com, susankomen.org, fordcares.com]

 Think green.  Upcycled.  Made of recycled or repurposed materials.   Items made of fabric and other materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.  Toys made of wood or recycled plastic.  [uncommongoods.com, vivaterra.com, amazon.com]

Our short list of gifts that keep on giving.


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