trivial pursuits

Every so often I see something that I like, take a picture of it on my smartphone and add it to my list of books, things to buy in the future, or design ideas.  I'm pretty glad that I chose a phone with a bit more memory than the standard ones as I have amassed quite a few pictures of places and things.  

I believe I was at a local Tar-jay looking for paper invitations when I chanced upon this set of blank cards.  I was drawn to the fact that it was made from recycled paper as well as the clean modern design. 

As October came to a close, I knew that I wanted to create a new banner for the blog, and remembered this set of cards.  I liked it so much that it served as the basis for our November banner.   

I changed the colors a bit to 'autumnal' hues to make it relevant to the season, and my November banner took shape.

Inspired by the mundane,
xoxoxo Lease

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