tilting my world

Week #46
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

This month's theme is...apps (as in smartphone photography applications)!

Last week, we featured the app called photosynth - which strings together several shots to create a single panoramic picture.  This week, I need to tell you about my obsession with diorama/miniature style photography.

For months now, I have been drooling over a tilt-shift lens for our camera.  It's a quirky kind of lens - which has a slight tilt, and gives the effect of making objects appear farther away and smaller.  Kind of like taking pictures of miniature models or dioramas (think of architectural models made out of cardboard).

Tilt-shift lenses cost hundreds of dollars so can you imagine my surprise in finding an app that tries to give the tilt shift effect - known simply as 'instagram'.  I knew it was not going to be 100% as good as having the actual lens, but free is good.  Good enough.
 Here's a shot straight out of camera.  I had to pick a rainy gloomy day for this.  There were no sunny days available. 

The tilt shift generator app has several effects available, and I added what's called the 'valencia' effect.  I wanted warmer tones to balance out the grey and the blues.

In addition, you can also add a focusing or diffuser tool to diffuse certain parts of the photo.  Here is the short with the valencia effect + horizontal diffuser.  See how the top and bottom sections of the photos are a little bit defocused compared to the center part.  You can control how small or big the area you want to focus on.

 You can also change the shape of the diffuser.  Here is the picture again with the 'valencia' effect + round diffuser.   You will see that except for the area slightly off center where the truck is the rest of the photo is kind of blurry. 

I had fun with this application and hope you do, too.   


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