genie in a smartphone

Week #47
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)

This month's theme is...apps (as in smartphone photography applications)!

I love photography apps. 

They help simplify the creative process by eliminating the need to upload photos onto our Mac, launch Photoshop, and spend a good chunk of time editing photos.

With these newly discovered apps for my smartphone, I can take a picture, edit it on my phone and post it onto this blog in minutes.

Here is a picture of the Northern California sunrise straight out of our camera.  A 'raw' shot.

This one is a panoramic shot stitched together using photosynth.  Love what you can do with just a few clicks.  Several shots are morphed into 1.  It's really that easy.

Here's an "enhanced" photo using photogene (squared), which allows the user to adjust saturation, brightness and contrast using sliders.  Very user-friendly.  You can ramp up the drama by playing with the saturation, or tone it down to a black and white.

Using apps will not eliminate Photoshop for fanatics like me, but I will argue that for personal stuff that need a quick color adjustment or simple effect, utilizing apps is definitely the way to go.

Did I tell you this was the 'free' version?  Yup.  Free is good.

Have fun with this one.


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