Things I learned from Friday

I have been spending a lot of time lately with our dog Friday.  We take walks at the crack of dawn.  We take long quiet walks at the end of the day.

I talk.  He listens.  I have shared thoughts and feelings with my boy.  Some I haven't even shared with my kids or with the Hunk.

He listens.  Without judging.  He does that beautifully.

He reassures me that I am loved.  Unconditionally.

He has affirmed, in more ways than one, that those second pair of boots I just recently bought were going to be fabulous.  He shares the belief that one can never have too many pairs of boots.  Even if they are all black and/or brown.

He leads by example.  It's OK to play all day. Naps are necessary and should be plentiful.
Stop to smell the flowers and every first plant of each house we pass.  Because we can and we shall.

He seems to know when I need the extra couple of blocks to burn off the remnants of a bad day.  Or when to force me to run to get my adrenaline up after a draining week.  He leads me to the lavender fields, and to the gorgeous firemen inspecting their trucks at the end of their day.  Shhhh...that's our little secret.

He reinforces the idea that life is really about the simple pleasures.  The fresh cool air.  The misty drizzle of rain.  The scent of lavender.  Enjoying quiet time at the end of the day exploring our neighborhood.  Moments of relative solitude to gather thoughts and take things down a notch.


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