moments of happy-ness

Week #40
of our 2011 Project 52*
(*give or take a week here and there for vacations)
This month's theme is...happy!

My co-worker just recently discovered this blog.  She approached me and mentioned that she wanted to learn about the "eye behind the camera."  I had mentioned that I usually shot with out Rebel Xsi, but because inspiration struck at odd moments, I have been using my iPhone. 

I also told her that what I have been finding is that my photos reflect what I feel at that particular moment.  Then, I had a chance to look at all my other photos both on this blog and our personal albums.  Yes, my photos do reflect the emotion that triggers the eye behind the camera.

Case in point: I snapped these pictures while we were on our way to our pizza jaunt du jour.  The kids were relaxed and joking around.  The Hunk and I were looking forward to some BBQ chicken pie, mozarella and tomato salad, and a good ole triple chocolate pizookie to share. [There are days when I want one just to myself; no sharing].

It was a bright, sunny afternoon.  I was actually trying to get caught up on my reading on our way to the restaurant, when I happened to look out the car window.  This is was the view, and I happily snapped away.

Happy moments captured on my iPhone.

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