searching for new design ideas

I've been in a designing mood lately.  Wanting to change things up at our house.  Wanting to add some design elements to update things a bit.  On a night out with the kids and the Hunk, I wandered around my favorite store (West Elm) and snapped these design ideas...

Loved this concept of silver-infused glassware.  Adds a little bit of shimmer to an otherwise dreary life. 

This settee caught my eye.  It is just the right scale for the foot of our bed.  Need a reason to give up our current mismatched set to get this one.  Maybe when our boy is a bit older. 

These ceramic candle holders also caught my eye.  I loved the interplay of matte white against dark wood.  Can you imagine the soft light from these babies on a cold fall/winter night?  Warm and fuzzy.  Romantic, even.

Window shopping for design ideas,

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