playing cars with my boy

Our games have since evolved.  We have one called "traffic jam" where we take out his collection, and place them on a map we got him for Christmas.

It would seem as though everyone was going somewhere and everywhere all at the same time.  Hence, the resulting "traffic jam."  I think back to these games whenever I get caught up in traffic.  Wouldn't it be nice to have someone with a birds eye view to direct commuters to alternate routes?  We do?  Really?

Once all the cars are on the map, we try to figure out how to ease the flow of traffic.  Find alternate routes for commuters.

Spot problem drivers like this monster truck tailgating a red convertible.

Cars going in the wrong direction.  I've had to explain to my son that in other countries, people can drive on the left side of the road.  And, its OK to do so.  Just not in our country.  Ever.

You are right in thinking that we spend a whole lot of time on this.  Sometime later and after the roads are cleared, the commuters will need to start their trek home, and the whole process starts over.

Quality time spent with my boy.


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