that other baby shower...

In July, we attended a baby shower for my SIL, Claire.
This August we hosted one for my other SIL, Viv. This, because I married into a band of brothers.

There were so many things that got in the way for preparing for this wonderful occasion, namely: work, work, work, and last but not least, work.  Did I mention work?

So many Martha-esque projects that could have been planned out and executed were it not for the sheer volume that stood between this par-tay and yours truly.  But love conquered all...so to speak.

the decor

a few weeks back I started making scalloped-edge cards with mini elephant cut outs.  It wasn't until the day of the baby shower that I was able to finally, ah, assemble everything.

We made banners for the buffet area....

and created these napkin rings...

We also had fun creating fluffy tissue flower balls with about 12-15 sheets of tissue, some twine, and an assortment of willing "fluff-ers."  We had to offer sugar cookies as a reward...



fluff some more...

The flower balls graced the buffet area (half rounds)

...and the tents in the backyard. (full balls)

I think we finished setting it up a few minutes before the first guests arrive.  Talk about cutting it a little too close...

the dessert bar

In addition to the decor, I was also responsible for the dessert spread, which turned out more than bountiful, thanks to some surprise additions to our repertoire.

First, we had bunditinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Pecan Praline, Red Velvet were the crowd favorites of the bundt kind.

We also had cupcakes from our favorite cupcake artist, Linders.  Vanilla with mango cream filling and chocolate with raspberry filling.  Happiness in a paper cup.

Next, we had cake pops and balls courtesy of yours truly.  Red velvet cake balls dipped in chocolate, and milk chocolate pops dipped in white chocolate.

 For the record, the men in the house loved these!

 We also had lemon bars courtesy of my other SIL, Steph.

I also wanted to talk about that white/yellow/grey tower... the cake!

Yes, it is another awesome creation by dear cousin Edrei.

Just to give you a background on this - I gave Edrei a copy of the invite, and said that I was going for a "vintage modern vibe."  That's all that was said, and I get this!


There is something to be said about the symmetry, the placement of colors, and how everything lined up.  You can see that a lot of effort went into the planning and execution of this design.

Love it!

I said it before and I'll say it again, we love babies in this family so much so that we all come together to make sure that milestones like these are celebrated to the fullest.  With lots of fluffy tissue flower balls and sugar.

To Iz and Viv,

You've seen us through our babies, and we will see you through yours...

Lease, Brother #1 (a.k.a the Hunk)
B, J and Friday


bridgetstraub.com said...

That all looks beautiful. you musy be a very good SIL!

Our Little Beehive said...

I love it, what a lucky girl. Where did you get the punch or template that you used to make the large elephant cutouts? We're doing an elephant theme nursery and I've love to get my hands on one!

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