the quick brown fox

Our other boy is 9 months now. Or should I say 6.3 in dog years?

It seemed it was only yesterday when we got this cuddly baby from our neighbor...

And, now he's a bigger, more energetic puppy.  Frankly, I don't know what fuels him.  

After 30 or so laps around our backyard, he will sit still for about 29.8 seconds, and get back on his marathon.

Takes a short break, and just when you think he's had enough, he goes right back around the lawn.  maybe 20 more times.  

He tricks you.  He flashes those beady eyes.  Makes you think you can grab that duomo from him.  A second before you reach him, he runs in the opposite direction.  Ha!

That's our super-quick brown fox.
He's my designated stress-reliever.  
My very own Jillian Michaels.

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1 comment:

Vivian d. said...

We love you, Friday! You're so spunky!

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